Neenah 3G Jet Opaque Heat Transfer Paper A4

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The Neenah 3G Jet Opaque Heat Transfer Paper for dark colored fabrics is easy to use and can be die-cut or kiss-cut and moved with tape. This paper works great with cotton, cotton blends, microfiber, dri-fit and synthetic fabrics. This paper offers a softer hand and a much more natural feel. It works best on garments with a tight weave.

It is a revolutionary transfer paper for dark garments, featuring a softer hand and better drape than most opaque transfers on the market. With comprable shelf-stability, wash durability and color reproduction as our other opaque transfers, 3G is also compatible with most plotter/cutters.

3G Jet Opaque transfer paper works in most inkjet printers and can be applied by either a hand iron or heat press. Note: Although home irons can be used for this transfer paper, we highly recommend using a heat press to achieve the softest feel, brightest color and best durability.

* High Stretchability * High Washing Durability * Easy to Cut and Weed

Substrates include: 100% Cotton, cotton/poly blend, Microfiber, Polyester, Nylon garment ,Non-Woven bag, Canvas bag, mouse pads, puzzles, and leather goods.


  • For use with dark fabrics
  • Requires an Inkjet printer
  • This product has as shelf-life of up to a year
  • Print right reading
  • Suggested Temperature & Time: 350°F for 30 seconds
  • Heavy pressure
  • Not recommended for hand iron application. Though it can be hand ironed onto fabric, due to the lesser amount of pressure and heat, the product will not be as durable when laundered. 
  • Using heat press machines is recommended.
  • Cold peel.
  • Do not wash the heat pressed item for 24 hours after application.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Washing Instruction: 

      *Turn garment inside out and wash in cold water using a mild detergent.
      *Do not use bleach.
      *Dry on low heat setting.
      *Do not iron directly on the transferred area.

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